Paz del Castillo Gutiérrez  Founder and technichal director

Biologist of Seville, specialized in the management of protected natural areas and interpretation of heritage. A person who loves nature, hiking, photography, dancing and local cuisine.

Since I was a little child, despite my urban origins, I had the opportunity to feel free with shared play in the woods, rivers and mountains thanks to the scout camps. As I became a young woman, my interest in exploring the exceptional natural spots that Andalusia and the rest of Spain hide remained intact.

As a professional, I have been fortunate to work as a biologist in projects of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation in Latin American countries, coordinating the ecotourism and environmental education line of an Araucaria Project, where I managed the training of ecotourism guides for national parks and I developed environmental education programs in local schools, discovering my passion for these working areas. These stays first allowed me to know wonderful environments and cultures in the Peruvian Amazon and, later on, at the foot of the Dominican subtropical dry forest.

Back in Spain, I worked for 10 years providing technical assistance in the field of public use planning to the General Directorate that manages the network of protected natural areas of Andalusia. After years of technical work, where I learned a lot about the multiple options offered by these areas, I developed a desire to reorient my professional career towards an activity that kept me in touch with people and, at the same time, with nature, taking advantage of the accumulated experience to help other people enjoy and come to understand the value of our rich heritage.

I currently collaborate with WWF and the Sevilla Network for Climate, firmly committed to education as a tool to minimize the global change we have to live with. With ENTREVEREDAS I intend to share with people from different backgrounds my favorite natural spots and interact with children and adults, providing both reflection and guidance on the possibilities of reducing our impact on the planet.

Maria Francescatti  Guide

Colaboradora Entreveredas

I am a professional translator, lover of foreign languages and cultures. I have an international life and work experience, since I have had the opportunity to live and work in Italy, my home country, in Germany and now in Spain, mainly dealing with translation, linguistic mediation, management of cultural events and training.

I love nature, sports and communicating with people from different countries.

Collaborating with Entreveredas I have the great opportunity to make my passions and my abilities available to all those interested in learning to value our human and natural environment.


ENTREVEREDAS is a project aimed at organizing ecotourism and environmental education experiences, offering opportunities of enjoyment for individuals or small groups who visit western Andalusia and are looking for local environmentally responsible experiences, away from mass tourism and that, in parallel, proposes real world learning alternatives in order to reconnect with nature.

ENTREVEREDAS stems from the sum of the accumulated personal experience and the recognition of the great potential that the Andalusian territory has to amaze the public due to its rich heritage and rich biodiversity, which represents an opportunity to create allies for the conservation of nature. The tools selected to facilitate the enjoyment and understanding of the value of these areas are interpretation of heritage and environmental education.

ENTREVEREDAS offers its services to clients from all over the world, to educational centers and entities of many kinds. It also provides services to travel agents from different parts of the world, as a trusted counterpart in western Andalusia for planning and conducting excursions for their clients.



In the social dimension, the project aims to contribute to the revitalization of rural areas and to the enjoyment and health improvement of the client by proposing healthy activities. In the environmental dimension, it aims to create allies for the conservation of nature that sustains us, and finally, in the economic dimension, the project is expected to generate employment that compensates the professional performance of a team of people who believe in models of environmentally responsible coexistence.

As a mother, I feel worried about the future that we are going to leave to the next generations. For this reason, I intend to do my part with this project, convinced of the need to create a positive impact by proposing a model of responsible leisure and tourism and by providing a reflection on our daily habits in our places of origin and an orientation for those people that are willing to minimize the environmental impact that we are having on the planet.



Birdwatching in AndalusiaBehind this project there is a team of people who collaborate by contributing their valuable experience from their professional field:

  • David Doblas. Biologist and photographer.
  • Álvaro Trujillo. Business strategy consultant.
  • Luis García. Ornithologist.
  • Joaquín Hernández. Consultant.
  • Isabel Blanco. Historian.
  • Ilka Eigenbrocht. Geographer.

Our values

Personalized attention

We base the service on a humane, personal and direct relationship with customers, adapting to their needs.


The experience of the territory means that the potential risks in the development of activities are minimized.


Our way of living is reflected in our work as we are respectful to the natural and social environment, generating with our activity the minimum disturbance in the natural environment and the minimum inconvenience to the people who live in these territories.


We develop a professional service aimed at achieving a positive customer experience with vocation and enthusiasm.


We avoid creating situations that may involve any alteration of environmental conditions and propose ways of taking responsibility for environmental protection.


We propose different teaching alternatives, in which, based on shared reflections, new solutions to the problems can be proposed.