Benefits of hiking

Trekking is presented as an opportunity to improve our health, if we do it periodically we will obtain the following advantages:

Improve your physical health

  • You improve fitness by improving general condition, endurance and lung capacity. 
  • You prevent diseases, since this type of activity strengthens the heart, reduces high blood pressure and prevents respiratory diseases. In addition, walking prevents osteoporosis and arthritis.
  • You lose weight Being an aerobic exercise that requires constant effort for a long time, many calories are burned.
  • You reduce muscle tension, relieving back pain.

Improve your mental health

  •     You reinforce memory and the ability to react to unexpected situations.
  •     You socialize with other people, disconnecting from everyday problems and improving personal relationships.
  •     You reduce stress and relax. Away from the noise of the city, and the housework, you get inner peace to face new challenges.
  •     You gain confidence when you overcome yourself, and you feel good about yourself.
  •     Fight the lack of energy, by segregating endorphins, very beneficial for fighting stress.
  •     You improve your mood substantially, making you more open to others and less irritable.

If you are thinking that this can be a good habit to introduce in your life and you want to try a route of little difficulty, check our scheduled excursions and if you are over 60, check our excursions for seniors, specially prepared to meet your needs.