If you are thinking about what to do with children in Andalusia and you like get-up-and-go plans, check out our outdoor educational experiences designed for families who want to reconnect with nature.


Doñana with children

You will enjoy with your children in the mobile dunes and marshes of Doñana and you will understand why Doñana
8 hours

Sierra de Aracena with children

You can transport yourself to past times and surprise yourself with the picturesque town of Valdelarco.
8 hours

Cádiz Bay with children

You will know a unique environment cataloged Natural Monument: a sandy bar that separates the marshes of the Sancti Petri
8 hours

Grazalema with children

You will be able to visit the pinsapar of the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, a singular fir forest that
8 hours


These are tailor-made excursions in which we adapt to your needs. Tours include complementary transport to the hiking activity and all the preventive measures to carry out the activity safely.

Hiking with children

The network of trails of the Junta de Andalucía, the old cattle routes, the network of green trails and public roads represent an excellent opportunity to surprise our children with interesting visits that allow them to make contact with their natural environment and spend good times that they will certainly not forget: cross a river, climb a tree, get their feet wet in a stream, climb a rock, jump down a dune, get dirty with the soil, listen to the birds, … unique experiences that will allow them to connect with nature and develop skills necessary for the future.

Trekking with children is a possibility that parents can consider to spend quality free time with the family, for its degree of assured success. By walking slowly savoring what nature offers us, we will not only enjoy discovering new places with our children but also provide them with valuable learning about the real world, while we relax and reduce the tensions of daily life.

Wildlife and nature observation

Andalusia is one of the most biodiverse regions in Europe. The observation of flora and fauna in the wild is an activity that will surprise the whole family: watch closely the intense color of a shrimp, the elegance of a spoonbill, the flight of a flamenco, cross a mountain goat, see how a hare is camouflaged or the incredible shapes of butterflies experiences we should all live at some time.

You will live with your family an unforgettable experience that your children will remember with a smile.


Our activities include discounts for children under 12 years old and groups of 4 or more people.