1. Introduction

“ENTREVEREDAS Reconnects with Nature”, also mentioned as “ENTREVEREDAS”, refers to a company of active tourism activities and environmental education belonging to Mª Paz del Castillo Gutiérrez.

These general conditions of sale regulate service contracts made with ENTREVEREDAS Reconnects with Nature. They will be governed by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws, and other provisions in force.

2. Acceptance of the terms and conditions

The reservation of the services provided by ENTREVEREDAS RECONECTA CON LA NATURALEZA requires the reading and express acceptance, total without any reservation, of all the terms and conditions of this contract.

When making the reservation, you declare that you are 18 years of age or older and have full legal capacity as established by Spanish law.

If you act on behalf of a minor or a legal entity to make a reservation, you must have the power of representation.

2.1 Risk assumed in outdoor activities

ENTREVEREDAS recognizes that all outdoor activities have inherent risks (those that cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique nature of outdoor activities), and that they will perform their services with a high degree of professionalism and diligence to ensure safety and security. the well-being of the participants, not accepting responsibility for losses, injuries or damages suffered by a participating client or their dependents in circumstances where such an event could not have been avoided by exercising reasonable care. With the reservation and purchase of your excursion or activity the client or participant accepts these conditions, understands their implications and accepts responsibility for their participation in said programs, carrying out the activities at their own risk.

While the ENTREVEREDAS staff will take all possible measures to identify and minimize potential hazards, the customer or participant acknowledges that they must follow the guide’s instructions at all times. Those responsible for a person under the age of 18 must ensure that the minor follows the instructions of the guides at all times. ENTREVEREDAS will not be responsible for any damage suffered by a client / user or damage caused to other people, as a result of not following the instructions of the guides or those responsible for the activities.

ENTREVEREDAS reserves the right to expel any person who in his opinion may endanger his life or that of others. ENTREVEREDAS reserves the right to cancel, modify or reduce the duration or route of any activity, to guarantee or protect the safety of the client or participant.

The following describes some, but not all, of the inherent risks of the activities and excursions offered by ENTREVEREDAS:

The activities and tours are mostly of low or moderate difficulty, but some tours can be physically demanding.
Ecotourism and didactic excursions are usually done outdoors. They occur on public land and exposed to acts of persons not associated with ENTREVEREDAS and that may present risks. Communication and transportation are sometimes difficult and evacuations and medical attention can be delayed.
Physical activities include walking and using wildlife observation equipment. Activities include moving vehicles on improved and unimproved land routes. Risks include collision, fall, loss and other generally associated risks, including environmental risks.
Natural and meteorological risks and dangers include, among others, insect and snake bites, among others; rock fall and detachment; lightning, avalanches, flash floods, falling branches and forces of nature, including weather conditions that can change to extreme conditions quickly or unexpectedly. Possible injuries and illnesses include sunburn, sunstroke, dehydration, diseases transmitted by insects or animals and other minor or serious conditions.
The risks of walking include, but are not limited to, injuries such as sprains, falls, cuts, among other possible.
The equipment and material may fail or not work properly.
Decisions made by instructors, contractors and participants will be based on a variety of perceptions and evaluations, which by their nature may be subject to errors of judgment. Misjudgments may refer, among other things, to the environment, the land, the water and the conditions of the participating client, the natural hazards and the medical conditions of said clients.

ENTREVEREDAS is not responsible for clients / participants, including minors, before and after the activity or excursion (according to the indicated start and end dates and times). In some activities and tours, participants, including minors, may have “free time”. ENTREVEREDAS assumes no responsibility for the clients / participants during this free time and the participants accept the risks that may arise from this free time without supervision.

The ENTREVEREDAS staff may occasionally provide assistance or even accompany the participating clients, adults or minors in these “leisure time” activities, but in doing so, they act as private individuals, and ENTREVEREDAS is not responsible for their conduct.

The formalization of a reservation implies the acceptance of all the risks, including, among others, the risks described above. The client / participant acknowledges having read and understood this agreement, voluntarily signed it, and accepts its binding nature for itself, its heirs, executors, administrators and representatives.

The client / participant states that the information provided on the enrollment form or other means regarding medical conditions or other information is correct.

3. Responsibility

3.1. Responsibilities of ENTREVEREDAS

ENTREVEREDAS as a company of activities in nature responds directly to the complaints of its customers regarding the poor execution of hiking excursions and other activities offered. However, ENTREVEREDAS is exempted from this responsibility when the complaints refer to changes in the itinerary caused by a force majeure (alien, abnormal and unforeseeable circumstance), due to a fact that the company could not avoid or when the cause is attributable to the customer or a third party.
In the group activities, the modification of the initial contract may be accepted provided that the alteration of the itinerary is justified by weather conditions or unforeseeable risks, due to unforeseen impositions of the suppliers or due to the limited local infrastructure. Any other alteration of the route must be approved by the group and expressly consented to by the organizing company.
Protected natural spaces are places of high fragility, so it is necessary to control the impact of our behavior on the resources of the natural environment. ENTREVEREDAS is committed to complying with and enforcing its clients with our code of good environmental practices in natural areas in the development of activities, regarding respect for fauna, flora and gea, respect for the customs and use of local populations , use of roads, doors, fences and collection of waste in the natural environment.

3.2. Customer Responsibilities

Tour participants are responsible for:

  • Choose an activity according to your physical condition and health status. The difficulty of each excursion will be indicated by ENTREVEREDAS in the detailed information of each route. All clients must fill out a form regarding medical conditions and other personal information before departure (without this information the activity will not be allowed).
  • Make the inscription to each route or activity by sending by email to info@entreveredas.com the name and surname, ID number, date of birth and contact mobile of all participants. Registration that must be confirmed by ENTREVEREDAS accepting participation.
  • Arrive on time at the exit of the activity. (Maximum wait time: 15 minutes)
  • Be on the route in an environment close to the guide, being responsible for following the group. If you have to leave the group at some point, it is mandatory to notify the guide, who will determine whether or not to do it. If the group is left without notifying the guide, ENTREVEREDAS is exempt from any responsibility in case of loss or accident.
  • Follow the instructions of the guides. Any breach of the guidelines established by the designated guide responsible for the activity may lead to the suspension or expulsion of the participant from this activity, with the loss of their rights and no refund of the amount paid. Any irresponsible action will cause expulsion from the activity and the group.
  • Wear the appropriate clothing and supplies necessary for each excursion, following the recommendations in the descriptive sheet of each activity. The customer accepts their responsibility with respect to complying with these equipment and preparation recommendations.
  • Always carry your national identity document or your passport. The client expressly assumes the consequences derived from not carrying them or the fact that they are not valid or valid. Foreign clients must ensure that they meet visa requirements in order to enter, leave and circulate without problems through the country and assume the consequences of non-compliance.
  • In the case of children under 18, go accompanied by one of their parents or legal guardian, who will be responsible for the child.
  • Make an affidavit about your good physical condition and health to be able to develop the activity in the case of being 70 years or older.
  • Communicate at the time of booking the injuries or cardiovascular diseases, chronic diseases, allergies and other injuries or circumstances that may interfere negatively with the development of the activity.
  • Do not go with dogs or any kind of pets to excursions.
  • Custodian the objects that are left inside the vehicle during the stops that are made in the excursions.
  • Maintain a conscious attitude of what it means to participate in a route. The fact of registering for an excursion implies accepting all the conditions and reading all the information provided by ENTREVEREDAS in the descriptive file.
  • Comply with the regulation of the places that are visited following our code of good environmental practices in natural spaces, paying special attention to these two principles:
    • Leave the place as we found it. For this, the garbage must be transferred by each participant to the nearest container, being completely forbidden to throw waste on the routes.
    • Avoid any type of disturbance on the natural environment. To do this, participants must maintain responsible behavior during the development of the activity, including this, minimizing the noise emitted during the journey.

The ignorance or non-reading of these conditions does not exempt from compliance.


3.3 Special circumstances understood

  • Our guides have the responsibility and authority to make decisions that affect the good achievement of the activity, safety and good condition of the entire group and each of its participants. As a result, they can ask a group member to leave the activity without incurring compensation or return. The guide will make this decision exceptionally, when he has evidence to believe that:
    • There is a risk to the health or life of a participant.
    • An illegal act has been committed.
    • The behavior of a participant is putting at risk the development of the activity, the well-being of the group or its safety.
    • There has been repeated breach of the code of good environmental practices in natural areas
  • It is understood that if any participant on a route decides to voluntarily leave the group, ENTREVEREDAS has no responsibility for their safety, well-being or any other consequence arising from their abandonment.

4. Participation in excursions and activities

Although ENTREVEREDAS always tries to carry out the program following the route and the schedule previously specified in the descriptive card of the activity, the activities in the natural environment are subject to the state of the natural terrain, as well as to the present meteorological conditions. For this reason, when booking an outdoor activity, participants must accept unforeseen conditions that may be surgical and that may cause delays and changes in the original schedule, duration and itinerary. ENTREVEREDAS and the guides responsible for the activity reserve the right to cancel, suspend, partially or totally change the program, the route or the schedule for security reasons, weather conditions, state of the land or for the physical and / or psychological conditions of the group or participant

In the case of having initiated an activity that must then be suspended by the guide responsible for the activity for some of the reasons, there will be no refund of the money paid. For all intents and purposes, the activities begin by meeting with the guide that tries to start each activity in the most favorable conditions possible.

In the case of bad weather conditions, the organization can change the date of the activity if the client wishes or suspend it and reimburse the total amount paid if it is considered.

You should contact ENTREVEREDAS or the responsible guide before the activity if any of the participants requires special medications or any medical observation that may present a risk to their health and that could affect its normal development. In the case of certain medical conditions (allergies, asthma, diabetes, etc.), diseases or chronic injuries, participants must have their personal medication during the activity. Parents or legal guardians of minors with injuries or illnesses are responsible for their care and medication.

In the event that a client, who for lack of information about the activity, for not having a sufficient level of physical fitness or for not being in optimal conditions to participate in the activity, I cannot complete the planned activity, will not be reimbursed the amount paid for participating in said activity.

ENTREVEREDAS RECONECTA CON LA NATURALEZA does not accept responsibility for an accident that occurred during the activity due to imprudence, negligence or carelessness of a participant. The consumption of drugs and alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited during the activity.

All clients participating in the activities organized directly by ENTREVEREDAS are covered with accident insurance and civil liability insurance.

5. Prices

5.1. Prices

The prices of the activities on the web or catalogs are always given in euros (€). As a local European company, ENTREVEREDAS cannot be responsible for monetary fluctuations and / or additional fees beyond its control that may be free, such as bank transfer fees, credit card fees, etc. Those that are published on the ENTREVEREDAS website. Therefore, the final cost in the customer’s currency will depend on the changes in effect at the time of migration.

The price of the activity published on the web, includes the current rates of value added tax when applicable and is understood as valid during the indicated season. In addition, the price includes everything described in the section INCLUDED in the description of the activity.

ENTREVEREDAS is not responsible for additional expenses of the client during the preparation or development of the route.

5.2. Special discounts

ENTREVEREDAS establishes a reduction in the price of excursions of 10% for children aged between 4 and 12 years old, for people over 65 and residents in Andalusia, for which the DNI or FAMILY BOOK must be presented in advance to the realization of the activity.

Other promotional prices and discounts can be offered directly by email, telephone or other channels.

5.3. Additional features

The extras are optional activities that can be added when making the reservation, provided they are made on the date established in the descriptive tab. Please note that all extras reservations are final. No refunds will be made for extra activities. The observation and safety equipment necessary for each activity are provided by ENTREVEREDAS and must be delivered under the same conditions of use.

6. Payments and reservations

To reserve a place in an activity you must pay the full payment of the excursion detailed in the descriptive sheet of the same within the established deadlines. Once you have completed the reservation process, you will be sent a confirmation with your reservation number and proof of reserved services. If you think you have made a reservation and have not received an email write to info@entreveredas.com and we will solve it.

The contract between the client and ENTREVEREDAS shall be understood as established from the moment of sending said confirmation by ENTREVEREDAS. The receipt will be your proof of payment, so bring it with you on the day of your activity. Please note that you are responsible for carefully verifying all the details in your confirmation. In the case of a discrepancy, such as reservation errors in which the incorrect date and / or an incorrect number of participants were registered, contact ENTREVEREDAS immediately, as it is possible that modifications to your reservation may not be made near the date Start of the activity.

The reservation of any of the activities included in our website or catalogs implies acceptance of these general conditions. This reservation has the status of a contract without the need for a written transcript and manual signature thereof, and the concept of reservation without obligation does not exist in any case.

For the assistance to any excursion or activity it is necessary to have made the reservation and payment 48 hours in advance.

To make a reservation or that of several people, be sure to complete and / or provide all the necessary details when booking your activities: the email of the applicant as well as the name, two surnames, full ID, date of birth and telephone number of all of them , the contracting party being responsible for these places.

The reservation can be made through our website, by email, by phone or by any other means, provided there is availability of a place on the requested date. If ENTREVEREDAS does not have a place for the requested activity, it will try to offer the customer an alternative date.

The reservation can refer to an activity included in the ENTREVEREDAS website or catalogs or to other personalized activities requested by the client.

Also, when booking, the possible particular conditions that are detailed in the descriptive files of each activity that can complement, modify or replace the general conditions in relation to certain services and contents of the website are also accepted.

7. Cancellation or modification of the activity and return policy

7.1 Cancellation by the applicant

If a customer wishes to cancel their reservation, they must do so in writing via email. The request for change or cancellation will take effect from the date of sending the corresponding written notification. (WhatsApp is not supported)

The cancellation will not have any penalty if the email is sent up to 72 hours before the departure date. If the cancellation is made:

  • In the last 72 hours until the last 48 hours only 50% of the amount paid is returned.
  • With less than 48 h the amount paid is not returned.

7.2 Cancellation by ENTREVEREDAS

The company can cancel an activity in cases of force majeure, understanding as such those circumstances beyond those who invoke them, abnormal, unpredictable, whose consequences have not been avoided despite having acted with due diligence.

In case of cancellation of the excursion by ENTREVEREDAS in cases of force majeure, all amounts paid will be refunded without penalty. The return will be made automatically.

The realization of the activity is conditioned to the inscription of the minimum number of people indicated in the descriptive card of the activity or, to which the client wants to assume the cost established for the minimum number of people per activity.

In the event that the minimum group is not formed or the client does not want to assume the cost of the minimum number of people, the company can cancel the activity without compensation for the client but by returning the amount paid and committing to communicate it at least 48 hours before the planned start for the activity.

7.3 Modification of the activity by ENTREVEREDAS

The excursions are subject to changes of the itinerary based on a series of exceptional circumstances such as the occurrence of forest fires, river overflows, road cuts, risks of landslides or closure of roads made by the administration, among other possible. In these cases, ENTREVEREDAS will modify the route through an alternative route, which does not mean a substantial modification of the activity. These types of changes do not generate the right to return any amount paid.

7.4 Collection service.

ENTREVEREDAS offers, in some cases, pick-up service from customers participating in your accommodation. Read the activity description carefully to see if the pick-up service is included in the price, or only offers the option of meeting with the guide at a meeting place. The participating customer is responsible for providing information of the collection point and being prepared in said place at the agreed time.

ENTREVEREDAS will provide you with information about your time and place of collection at the time of booking. The pick-up location can sometimes not be in the direction of your accommodation, due to traffic, parking or restricted areas. Please note that losing the pick-up transport does not entitle you to a refund of the price paid for such service.

7.5 Climate and conditions

All outdoor activities depend on the weather and general conditions. ENTREVEREDAS reserves the right to modify routes, itineraries, departure times or cancel your trip or activity without prior notice taking into account your safety, if necessary. Keep in mind that in the mountainous areas of Spain the climate changes rapidly and with it, the present conditions. The guides are specially trained to make decisions taking into account their safety above all. Keep this in mind and respect the authority and decisions of your guides to do so.

ENTREVEREDAS is not responsible for any loss, damage, accident, injury, illness, schedule change or other factors due to weather, strike, natural disasters or any other cause beyond the control of ENTREVEREDAS.

7.6 Alcohol and drugs

We reserve the right to refuse the participation of clients who we believe are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, in such circumstances, no refund will be offered. Our guides reserve the right to refuse the participation of any client whose conduct or manner may offend, annoy or put other participating clients in danger.

8. Insurance

  • ENTREVEREDAS has a mandatory civil liability insurance that marks the law and we also offer accident insurance as an improvement of our services. This insurance covers health care and hospital expenses due to an accident in the development of activities in nature, permanent or partial disability due to accident and death. It does not cover other risks or damages such as loss of luggage, flights or transportation, etc., which in your case must be covered by private insurance. Accidents during hotel stays and bus transfers are covered by the insurance of the corresponding companies.
  • If you have private travel insurance, you must bring the corresponding card or policy with you and inform us of that circumstance. You should also remember to bring your national or European health card with you.

9. Image rights

The participants who authorize it, will give their express consent to use the images and sounds that are taken in the development of them for the use of ENTREVEREDAS in advertising campaigns or other actions that are undertaken in the future. In the case of minors, it will be their parents or legal guardians who grant their consent for it.

ENTREVEREDAS is the owner of the photographic and audiovisual archives that are generated in the development of the activities organized by this company, and that may be used on its website or in any other medium, to promote or sell its events to third parties or for any Another end that I deem appropriate.

10. Jurisdiction corresponding to this contract

The terms and conditions accepted in this contract are subject to Spanish and Andalusian laws and any lawsuit that occurs must be brought before the local courts and jurisdictions.