Reasons to visit Doñana
Garcilla cangrejera

If you know Doñana, you will understand that this unique piece of land deserves all its awards: National Park, Natural Park, World Heritage Site, Biosphere Reserve, RAMSAR, Special Conservation Zone and Special Protection Area for Birds.

I would also add one more: “Doñana, an essential place for visitors”, for providing an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits. But … what is the reason? Here are 3 reasons that would justify it:

1. A natural wonder

Doñana is one of the most important wetlands in the world. Located between two continents and on the banks of the Guadalquivir river, it is a mandatory stop for millions of migratory birds traveling between Europe and Africa.

On the Andalusian western coast, a quite humanized environment today, Doñana is presented as an oasis of nature that offers a variety of environments worthy of admiration, which serve as a refuge for numerous interesting species of fauna and flora. This extensive territory gathers different landscapes that , can not fail to impress the visitor: moving dune systems, kilometers of virgin beaches, large expanses of marshes, shady areas, temporary lagoons full of life, fossil cliffs, … a real pleasure for nature lovers.

2. Cultural jewel

Doñana is also an important place of pilgrimage; thousands of people enjoy each year sharing the route on their paths. The inhabitants have found in their natural values ​​a source of wealth and enjoyment. Here you can find testimonies that still remain in different ways invented by locals to survive in these difficult lands.

3. A paradise for walkers

One of the best ways to savor Doñana is to walk it on foot, just as pilgrims have traditionally traveled it. The quiet roads that run through different environments, make it a pleasure for people who like to “walk without haste.” Doñana, has a network of interesting paths for walkers, perfect for a large majority of the public; Families, seniors, schoolchildren, adults, etc., can all explore their landscapes without much difficulty, as the terrain does not present too many elevations.